Supplier Registration Form

MAPNA Vendor List Registration System

To facilitate supplier registration in MAPNA vendor list, a registration system was launched and can be accessed by suppliers at For this purpose, those suppliers who have not yet registered for MAPNA suppliers database, can “apply for membership” after reading the MAPNA website contents and ensuring that their operations match our needs. MAPNA Commercial Department will activate a “username” and a “password” for each supplier whose activities match our needs by emailing the username and password to notify that supplier. The username will be the same as the national ID for Iranian companies and registration code at the country of origin for foreign countries, which should match the company’s registration documents. Suppliers should note that when selecting the type of supplier, they must select only their main type of activity; otherwise, they may face problems when filling the information as the forms that must be completed by suppliers are designed based on the type of their activity. MAPNA will respond within a week to applications received during the first stage of registration. For approved applications, suppliers are required to submit their additional information to MAPNA. In this stage, final registration and confirmation will take about 2 to 3 business months.


Before visiting the registration system and submitting initial information, suppliers should ensure that they meet the following criteria:

  • At least two years of relevant useful experience
  • A good reference list
  • Relevant legal and technical supporting documents

For further information, you can download and read our registration manual here.