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Industrial growth and development in each and every country requires certain infrastructures, the most important of which is power and energy generation. Following Islamic revolution and during an 8 year of construction throughout Iran, governmental managers took Turn-Key projects into consideration which led to advent of contracting companies in this regard. Accordingly, MAPNA Development Company was given birth to.

To implement thermal power plant projects, MAPNA Company was established in 1371. Successful experiences of constructing ARAK & MONTAZERE GHAEM  power plant by MAPNA, along with growing demand of various economic sectors, encouraged Iranian energy ministry to conclude a huge contract with MAPNA called, 30 unit gas turbine, valued relatively 1 billion euro under EPC procedure. In this project which encompassed constructing gas power plants in various provinces including TEHRAN, KERMAN, FARS, KORDESTAN and KHORASAN, MAPNA Company as well as Power Development Organization, pursued common objectives cooperatively. These objectives included transferring technology, designing and constructing required equipment domestically, gaining further engineering capabilities and improving power plant projects management knowledge.

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